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Picture: UNICEF Bulgaria.

BGmenu believes that every child should live in a nurturing environment and we stand behind UNICEF’s mission – to protect children’s best interests by giving them a chance to reach their full potential and enjoy a brighter future.

2x more smiles with BGmenu Unicef-children

Children are our greatest treasure and most important responsibility and BGmenu is committed to bringing more smiles to their faces this June. Support UNICEF and make a donation while ordering from bgmenu.com and we will match your donation. In addition, you will receive a 3x3lv discount, giving you 3lv off for each of your next 3 orders. See more

After donating your chosen amount, you will get an email with an active promo code – 3 leva for your next 3 orders. It’s important that each of our customers can receive regular updates on what we have achieved together. That’s why you will receive a monthly newsletter from UNICEF & BGmenu. Close

How to donate?
Debit Card
Select online payment
Check the donation box
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Pay & order
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We believe that together we can make a positive contribution toward child welfare. BGmenu gives you the opportunity to donate with every order in 3 easy steps. See more

  • After choosing your address, select online payment method;
  • Mark ‘I want to make a donation to UNICEF’s projects’ and enter the amount you wish to donate;
  • Click the ‘Order’ button and you will see a confirmation for the amount you have donated.

Learn more about UNICEF>>

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