When ordering items and/or services from this site, either by phone or through a mobile application, you agree to the following Terms and conditions:

I. Definitions:

  1. BGMENU.COM (https://bgmenu.com) is a web based platform on the Internet, owned by "BGMENU" Ltd. which enables users to use different services, based on the present General Conditions.
  2. "BGmenu" Ltd. is a trading company that provides services administered through the website BGMENU.COM.
  3. Services are all services that "BGMENU" Ltd. can offer to the Client through the BGMENU.COM website.
  4. Items applies to all goods, meals and drinks that can be ordered from BGMENU.COM.
  5. Client is a user who has created his/her own profile and has registered to use the services available through the BGMENU.COM website.
  6. Информационна система /Система е всяко отделно устройство или съвкупност от взаимосвързани или сходни устройства, което в изпълнение на определена програма осигурява или един от елементите на което осигурява автоматична обработка на данни.
  7. User Account is a separate part of the BGMENU.COM website, containing Client's information which is required by "BGMENU" Ltd. account. Access to the profile of the Client is carried out by entering an email and a password.
  8. Courier is a person engaged in manufacturing, trading and supplying of items and/or engaged in restaurant management.

II. Orders and deliveries - the Client submits an order which is carried out through the consistent implementation of the following actions:

  1. Determining the amount of ordered items and pressing the displayed button "Add to Cart" marked in front of the specific food or drink, and confirming the order by the "Order" button;
  2. Reviewing the contract, indicating the delivery address, selecting the type of service( delivery or takeout), selecting the payment method and additional order conditions (such as number and type of cutlery, time of delivery, etc.) and re-confirming the order by the "Continue" button.
  3. Finalizing the order and confirming by pressing the "Finalizing" button.
  4. "BGMENU" Ltd. forwards the order to the specific Courier only in the cases when the order is confirmed by the Client. In cases where the Client has chosen to pay the order online, it's sent to the Courier after receiving the payment confirmation. The delivery of the ordered items is made by the Courier or third parties, when the specific Courier doesn't offer the delivery service.
  5. "BGMENU" Ltd. notifies the Client regarding the acceptance of the order by the Courier with a message to the Client's e-mail or in the user profile.

III. Prices and payment methods

  1. The prices of items, their packaging and cutlery, prices for delivery and payment methods are described in the specific sub pages of the BGMENU.COM website.
  2. All displayed prices on the Internet pages of BGMENU.COM are including value added tax.
  3. If the Courier cancels the order after the Client has paid online, the last one has the right to order other items of the same value or he/she has to be repaid the same amount. Reimbursement is done within 10 working days of receivng the refund application, depending on the conditions of the payment provider.
  4. Prices and products included in McDonald's delivery menu are available only online on BGmenu's mobile and web platforms for participating restaurants McDonald'sTM.

IV. Personal data

  1. "BGMENU" Ltd. has the right to collect and use information about its users when they register as clients. The information by which the Client can be identified may include name, address, phone, email, gender and any other information that the Client voluntarily provides at registration.
  2. "BGMENU" Ltd. takes the necessary care and is responsible for protecting Client's information.
  3. Except for the purposes provided in the General Conditions, "BGMENU" Ltd. also collects and uses information to offer new services to clients (free or paid ones), for promotions, for organizing games, enquiries, surveys and others.
  4. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the Client agrees to the processing of his/her personal data for direct marketing purposes. The Client may unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to marketing.bg@bgmenu.com.
  5. "BGMENU" Ltd. undertakes not to disclose any personal information about clients and not to provide the collected information to third parties unless receiving the explicit consent from the Client or in all cases specified by the law.

V. Promotions / promo codes

  1. The terms and conditions of each promotion/promo code are published on bgmenu.com or indicated on the appropriate medium.
  2. Additional information about the promotions can be obtained by calling 0700 10 400, emailing support.bg@bgmenu.com or via the online chat.
  3. BGmenu reserves the right to modify or revisit the promotion terms and conditions; the changes will take effect after being published on bgmenu.com or after being indicated on the appropriate medium.
  4. Using a promo code, the user agrees to the terms and conditions of the promotion.
  5. BGmenu has an irrevocable right to terminate the promotion at any given time, in which case customers are not to be compensated.
  6. BGmenu reserves the right to terminate the promotion for a client suspected of trying to manipulate the terms and conditions of the promotion. Suspicion of manipulation is sufficient grounds for terminating the promotion for a client.