Privacy statatement

BGmenu may collect and use information about its Users. The information by which a person can be identified, may include any information that the user voluntarily enters, uses or provides for the use of the services of the BGMENU.COM website. BGmenu collects and uses information for the purposes set out in the Terms and Conditions, as well as to offer new products and/or services to the User (free or paid); to offer third parties’ goods and/or services; for promotions, for organizing games, enquiries, surveys, for tailoring services to consumer preferences; for statistical and other purposes. By registering to use the Services, the User agrees to receive commercial messages sent by BGmenu.

BGmenu undertakes not to disclose any personal information about its users and not to provide the information collected to third parties – government authorities, companies, individuals and others, except in cases where:

  1. the explicit consent of the User upon registration or at a later time has been obtained;
  2. the transfer is necessary for the realization of the legitimate interests of BGmenu or a third party to whom the data is disclosed, except where such interests prevail the interests of the User to whom the data relates;
  3. information is required by government bodies or officials, which according to current legislation are entitled to demand and collect such information in compliance with the statutory procedures;
  4. in others, laid down in law cases.

We promise that your personal information is well protected. Each transaction on our website is handled with the latest industry standards for secure online credit card transactions.

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