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Cellum Pay

CellumPay is a mobile application through which consumers can shop and pay their bills over the phone.

Since December 2013 BGMENU customers already have the ability to order food and pay for it through their smartphone. Choose from 300 + restaurants and bakeries!

To pay over the phone, customers have to download the application CellumPay and to register debit or credit card. The application can be downloaded from the Store, Apple Store, Marketplace, Viva Apps or from the website

Requirements for the installation of the application is to work with smartphone with operating system iOS 4.2, Android 2.2.1, Windows Phone 7.5 or higher version.


All debit and credit cards issued by Bulgarian banks may be registered in CellumPay.

To confirm the card, CellumPay carried small transaction by sending the 4-digit code - "XXXX e Cpay kod za aktivacia na karta".

This code guarantees the security of payment. You can find bank statement, online banking or by reference through phone call with the bank issuing the card. It is necessary to enter the code in the application to verify the card.

Once you activate the card application, you can order food in BGMENU, paying through the phone.

Add desired items to cart and select CellumPay as payment method. Automatically receive a notification on your phone to confirm or deny the amount.

If the specified profile phone has no application installed, the system will ask you to insert another number or to install CellumPay to this phone.

If the number you used for the registration has enabled service CellumPay, but the bill does not appear on your phone, check whether you are connected to the Internet.

After making the payment, you will receive a confirmation email and your order in BGMENU starts to run.

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